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COSCO SHIPPING Asphalt, owns and operates more than 10 modern specialized asphalt carriers ranging from 6000DWT to 13000DWT. The asphalt fleet specializes in bulk asphalt carriage on international and coastal lines. Its safety management has achieved TMSA(Tanker Management and Self Assessment) stage Ⅲ and successfully passed detailed inspection by major oil companies. The fleet has established a strong working relationship with major oil companies and refineries such as SHELL, EXXONMOBIL, SK, Sinopec and CNPC (China National Petroleum Company).


RouteDomestic Line/International Line
Route DescriptionTo provide global transport services of bitumen in bulk covering routes of China import ( S.Korea - China, Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand-China), China export (China-Australia, China-Southeast Asia, and China-India)、Southeast Asia region、the Persian Gulf - India/Southeast Asia、Europe - West Africa, etc, with strong ability and rich experience of loading at main refineries in Asia, Europe and America. To time charterered out bitumen tankers. To provide domestic transport services of bitumen in bulk.
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