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F. East - Oceania Line
RouteF. East - Oceania Line
Scheduled portTianjin, Qinhuangdao, Penglai, Shanghai, Taicang, Changshu, New Castle, Portland, Geelong, Tauranga, Napia, Wellington.
Route DescriptionWe formally established the Australia Line service in October 2018 aiming to deeply develop the Australia and New Zealand market. On the basis of the export of wind power equipment, mining wagons and materials for infrastructure construction to the Oceanian area, presently we have deployed 2 MPP Vessels and 2 Logs Carriers in the Australia Line. There are 2 outbound shipments from China and from Australia or New Zealand separately in every three months, the logs, concentrate ore and other breakbulk from Australia and New Zealand are the target cargo of our returning voyage. We will further strengthen the presentation in the Australia and New Zealand market and look forward to the sincere cooperation with existing and new clients.
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