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COSCO SHIPPING Electronics(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd.

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    Company Profile

          COSCO Guangzhou Marine Service Co., Ltd. established on 3rd, September, 1992. With registered capital RMB 51 million, it is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Its business includes shipping mechanical installation & maintenance, fittings supply, supervision and consultation of marine manufacture and technology; also includes wholesale and retail trade, as well as legitimate export & import of cargo and technology. In addition, it manages processing of imported materials, processing materials supplied by clients, processing with supplied samples, assemblage business and compensation trade; also it manages counter trade and transshipment trade. Company’s detailed business comprises vessel’s maintenance and manufacture, manufacturing of auxiliary product and sales agent of ELF’s land-used lubricant, and so on.


    Contact by:

    Add: 2/F, 404-4 Huan Shi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China

    Post code: 510061

    Tel: +86 20 3763 4623 

    Fax: +86 20 3768 4196



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