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Guangdong Vocational School of COSCO

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    Company Profile

         Guangdong Vocational School of COSCO, an independent set of higher educational institution, was founded in October, 1993 on the basis of Guangzhou Mariners School, which is approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and put on record by the State Ministry of Education and supported by Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jinqiao Institute of Administration runs with Vocational technical School of Guangzhou Ocean Shipping and Guangzhou Mariners School. Vocational technical School of Guangzhou Ocean Shipping was founded in August, 2001, and Guangzhou Mariners School was founded in July, 1975 that belongs to Guangzhou Ocean Shipping.

          It is a key School directly under ministries and commissions of the Central Government. The Institute holds the training certificate for seamen in P. R China and can offer training to shipping specialists of various types at various levels. The Institute covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and the area of the building is 25,000 square meters. Its teaching personnel are of high quality. There are more than 70 teachers with middle titles or vice-senior titles. The Institute includes general office, seaman training department, financial department, affairs of students/security department, academic affairs department, department of navigation, department of engineering, and foreign language department.

          To ensure the quality of teaching, the Institute has consistently improved its learning and teaching environment in recent years. Many of our academic staffs are captains and chief engineers with abundant experience both in working and in teaching. The Institute has good teaching facilities including the simulators for ship handling, marine engine room and oil tanker training. Approved by Maritime Safety Administration, the Institute is now qualified for training seafarers of all levels to suit the needs of shipping firms. Upon the completion of exam, graduates from the Institute can obtain the qualification for the third officer or the fourth engineer and become officers or engineers on board. The Guangzhou Mariners School prides itself as one of the most influential education institutions in training shipping specialists in South China.


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